Accepting Applications to fill One Vacant, Unexpired Term

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Volunteer Opportunity

Community & Economic Development (VACED) Board of Directors – OPEN POSITION.

Accepting applications to fill one vacant, expired term. The place must be filled by a resident of the City, Grayson County, or reside within 10 miles of the City’s boundaries in Collin County. Applications will be accepted until March 12, 2021. Apply today by clicking the link below or by visiting the City of Van Alstyne’s webpage.

Here is the application on the City of Van Alstyne’s Website.

New Community & Economic Development Website offers One-Stop Shop

In September of 2020, the 4A (EDC) and 4B (CDC) corporations’ websites were combined into this one —

The 4A (EDC) and 4B (CDC) corporations are still separate entities. However, to make it one-stop shopping for business owners wanting to come to Van Alstyne we have brought them both under one banner – Van Alstyne Community & Economic Development.

New Site Features and Resources:

Brand new, updated CDC Grant Packets and Applications.

A Demographic Dashboard that will help you learn more about the area, our population, and our industries.

A new map and a new survey for Cold Springs Industrial Park and Rail Spur. Did you know that more than 35 new acres are now available and can be divided to suit your needs? Be sure to check out the new drone videos!

New CDC Grant Packet and Applications Available online

Vendor tents and shopper at downtown farmers market

The Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation has updated our grant application packet and applications. We encourage local businesses to check them out on our website’s Grants page.

The goal of the VACED Grant Program is to strengthen Van Alstyne, improve safety, and make the community more aesthetically appealing for residents and visitors. We aim to promote economic development, revitalize our existing commercial areas, and increase property values. Improvements by existing businesses may act as a catalyst for widespread revitalization throughout our community. Only properties within the Van Alstyne city limits are eligible.

Three types of grants are available through the CDC:

Façade Grant

Improvements you can see from the front attached to the building are eligible for consideration for a Façade Grant.

Retention and Expansion Grant

Improvements not seen from the outside are eligible for consideration for a Retention and Expansion Grant. Maintenance repairs (i.e., HVAC) will not be considered. These improvements are meant to help businesses expand their operations to eventually add more employees or supplement current facilities to maintain operations.

Community Grant

The Community Grant is dedicated explicitly to organizations located in a Van Alstyne sales-tax producing region.  Organizations that have benefited include the City of Van Alstyne, VASA, KVAB, etc. The Community Grant includes quality of life projects but not façade grants or sponsorships.

These grants have already made a noticeable impact on the city, and the program continues to grow. For more information, please visit the Grants page.

CDC Assists Food Truck Park

Sign being placed at food truck park
Sign indicating project funded by Van Alstyne CDC in retail area
A “sign” of progress: another CDC project.

The Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation helps fund projects for local business, whether to help them locate in Van Alstyne or just grow their business once they are here.

VACDC’s Tiffany Chartier plants a sign at one of the CDC’s latest projects, the laying of gravel at the food truck park located at Waco St. and Van Alstyne Parkway.

Council Approves 2019 Community Development Capital Improvement Program

The Van Alstyne City Council approved the CDC’s annual Community Development Capital Improvement Program presentation in December 2019.

The presentation covers our 17 major parks improvements, facade and community improvement programs and more current and future projects supporting Van Alstyne’s events, tourism and business development.

The current and past Community Development Capital Improvement Program presentations are located at the CDC Capital Improvement Program page.

Van Alstyne Welcomes television and film production

Van Alstyne is ready for film, television, and video game projects of all sizes!

The city has a film ordinance in place, and locations have been photographed for the Texas Film Commission’s internal database. And, more locations continue to be added!

Our scenic countryside, homes, and churches both grand and humble have something to offer to almost every crew.

For more information, please contact the CDC.

Possible Quorum Notice 4-18-17



Van Alstyne Community Center
262 N Preston Ave.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
6:00 P.M.


Notice is hereby given that a quorum of the Community Development Corporation of Van Alstyne, Texas may be in attendance at the Meet the Candidates Forum on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at the Van Alstyne Community Center at which time City business/issues will be discussed, but no action will be taken. The specific topics to be discussed will be generally determined by the Chamber of Commerce and audience members.

I certify that this agenda was posted on the Community Development Corporation website and the VACDC door at 228 E Marshall.

Signature: ___________________________________
Jan Walker, Van Alstyne Community Development Corp, Posted April 18, 2017