New CDC Grant Packet and Applications Available online

The Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation has updated our grant application packet and applications. We encourage local businesses to check them out on our website’s Grants page.

The goal of the VACED Grant Program is to strengthen Van Alstyne, improve safety, and make the community more aesthetically appealing for residents and visitors. We aim to promote economic development, revitalize our existing commercial areas, and increase property values. Improvements by existing businesses may act as a catalyst for widespread revitalization throughout our community. Only properties within the Van Alstyne city limits are eligible.

Three types of grants are available through the CDC:

Façade Grant

Improvements you can see from the front attached to the building are eligible for consideration for a Façade Grant.

Retention and Expansion Grant

Improvements not seen from the outside are eligible for consideration for a Retention and Expansion Grant. Maintenance repairs (i.e., HVAC) will not be considered. These improvements are meant to help businesses expand their operations to eventually add more employees or supplement current facilities to maintain operations.

Community Grant

The Community Grant is dedicated explicitly to organizations located in a Van Alstyne sales-tax producing region.  Organizations that have benefited include the City of Van Alstyne, VASA, KVAB, etc. The Community Grant includes quality of life projects but not façade grants or sponsorships.

These grants have already made a noticeable impact on the city, and the program continues to grow. For more information, please visit the Grants page.