Van Alstyne EDC to Expand Industrial Park

Expansion is underway in Van Alstyne as the Van Alstyne Economic Development Corporation announced a major land purchase on Friday. The VAEDC has closed on the purchase of 36 acres of land contiguous to the Cold Springs Industrial Park, an acquisition that, in addition to four acres acquired months before, effectively doubles the size of the VAEDC’s industrial park.

“We are very pleased to have the privilege of serving the citizens of Van Alstyne, and we are incredibly excited about this expansion of our Cold Springs Industrial Park,” said VAEDC Board President David Sileven.

The acreage is located south of the existing park and will give the VAEDC more land with which to recruit industrial and manufacturing concerns to the city. The land acquisition will also enable the connecting of FM 3133 to CR 377 (County Line Road). This is an important connector in that it will provide companies in the entire industrial park quicker access to both Highway 5 and Highway 75, the latter of which is one of the main arteries running through North Texas.

The purchase of these additional 40 acres bolsters an already strong economic development tool for VAEDC as the existing industrial park includes a rail spur while the new property will provide for a second rail spur accessible to all the companies.

The next phase of the massive project will be improvements to the property by adding water and sewer infrastructure.

Sileven said the move has opened up the possibility for new business in Van Alstyne. “We are already in discussions with multiple companies interested in various portions of this new expansion for moving their business and new jobs to Van Alstyne. This is an exciting time to be part of Van Alstyne and the EDC board is thrilled to work in partnership with the City Council, City Manager and our partners in the CDC and Chamber of Commerce to help build a strong Van Alstyne for our citizens.”

For more information contact the Van Alstyne Economic Development Corporation at 903-627-6200.